Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A says Bambam doesn't change his love for real girlfriend [Day 38 recap] - Khorgist.com


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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A says Bambam doesn't change his love for real girlfriend [Day 38 recap]

Teddy A addresses his relationship with Bambam

During a conversation with Tobi, Cee-C, Leo and Ifu, Teddy A, who has a relationship outside the house, addressed his relationship with Bambam in the house.
According to him, his relationship with Bambam doesn't affect his love for his girlfriend, who he described as his reality.  

Wat teddy shud hv done is 2shun dem immediately d issue came up lyk its nt dia biz if u r playn bambam or nt Dey r nt bambam relatives. Teddy shud hv done wat miracle did wt Leo rada he allowed dem to be makin fun of d poor girl Nd den goes back to form dt he cleared dem

Quick one about the Bamteddy's when Bambam had issues with vandora she played along and told teddy later. Teddy with ifu he played along and told Bambam later. That's a mature relationship built on loyalty

Teddy A said Bam bam is for the game while his girlfriend's his reality.. Abi I nor hear well😐

When ifu said Teddy’s situation is looking like TTT.. Teddy said I never put ring for anybody finger o lol

BamTeddy fans you heard. Its not a ship its a game. Dont say the ship didnt sink. Say the GAME didnt sinkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The GAME is strongπŸ˜‚

Am tired of the fake relationship between Teddy&Bambam and I don't want to call them with bamteddy because both of them are FAKE😏😎

TeddyA final word to Tobi and others before he stood up to meet Bambam in the room:

“Bambam has no hold on me, my girlfriend is my girlfriend and that stands.Anything I have with Bambam ends in this house. I love my girlfriend and Bambam can’t change that”.

He stood up

Between Miracle and Nina

Miracle accused Nina of always being angry. In her defence, she says she doesn't get angry over nothing. She also accused Miracle of not apologising when he’s wrong.
Miracle invited Anto to join the conversation as the mediator. Her mediation was more in favour of her strategic partner as she advised Nina to not always be angry.
Nina and Miracle went to bed together, but Nina couldn’t accept that Miracle will sleep without uttering ’I’m sorry’. She kept on pestering him in sleep, but he never gave in. 



DonJazzy is right if it was Miracle who was doing what Nina was doing to miracle Hell would have break loose God will punish us

Social media feminist, I see u all o. You people criticizing Nina for apologizing to Miracle, it is your type that beg side chicks to leave your man alone, you even beg your cheating man to stop cheating. Awon tweeter feminist

Alex: "He keeps laughing when I tell him I'm angry"

Nina: "I If I quarrel with him now that's how my mood will change throughout that day."
Bambam: "He eats my food...my meat. He bullies me."


Miracle and Nina r settling their issue, Teddy enters to tell Miracle it's time for his presentation
Miracle: If I don't settle dis issue with Nina I'll just come and talk rubbish 😍😍😍😍😍 awwwwn talking rubbish goals

I think Nina wants the D
I just saw the videos now of her disturbing miracle
If it were the other way round, you pple would be shaming miracle calling him pervert
Oga oooo

Nina has outflanked Miracle. Everything she did ystday, down to her DS and late night discussion was calculated. I think Miracle realized ystday night that he'd been boxed and is still kinda stunned. She's preparing fans to choose between her and Miracle. Touche Nina!

Miracle is a very nice guy, I respect his level of tolerance - Nina is so annoying today


He finally said sorry oh! Miracle and Nina have taken my heart through the worst emotional roller coaster ever! Chai πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ’”❤️

if miracle and Nina did not have problems then it would be a scripted affair. They're young and in love they have a lot of growing up to do, but the most important thing is that they will always be together in that house. As a Mina fan, if you must judge don't bring the

Between Tobi and Biggie

When Biggie called Tobi for his diary session, the latter didn't respond. Few minutes later, he said: "Biggie, Hapumaka," which means "Biggie, leave me alone" in Igbo language.
However, later, Tobi told his fellow housemates that Biggie didn't call him for his diary session, suggesting that he probably didn't hear Biggie call his name.

For those disciples of "Sango"(god of thunder) who are clamourin 4 yeye strike out of envy. Watch d video & see 4 ursef dt:
1. Tobi didn't ignore Biggie.
2. There was no call(other HMs didn't hear nofin).
3. The said "leave me alone" was said abt d stress of searching.

Tobi just ignored Biggie's call to the diary room:

He replied with "Biggie Apumaka", I don't know what that means tho and he also sang "I'm not afraid to take a step, Biggie Brother"

If he doesn't get a strike for this, forget it he's WINNING the show.

Unnecessary attitude that can ruin your chances of winning. Why did Tobi just ignore Biggie’s call to the dairy room. I think he’s to pay for that silly move. Such an unnecessary way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Is Tobi ignoring biggie right now??? That's so disrespectful. Or did he forget?? This is shocking!!

If CeeC ignored Biggie like Tobi,Nigerians would have asked for outright disqualification but since it wasn't Cee....y'all practice selective hatred and criticism!

If biggie should give Tobi a strike dat will be vry unfair. Biggie should hv called the second tym to knw if he intentionally ignored him. Tobi was just frustrated bcos of the task. he lost his mind. it could happen 2 anybody

Tobi ignored Biggie's call and it seems like he is going to get away with it

I have said it before, Tobi gets this special treatment, like he gets information from outside the house

It's OK to argue with your ancestors

Come and argue!

Biggie please whisper to Miracles ears to make up with Nina just like you told Tobi to stop begging Ceec to save his game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Alex and Cee-C get into a fight

Alex and Cee-C got into a fight after Alex provoked Cee-C by keeping her legs on her bed, and using her bed sheet to wipe her eye glass.


Alex: If me and CeeC were paid together....if they were pairing girls, we would have gone home second week! As per disqualification lmaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
As Biggie announce the disqualification I'll be beating her, they dare not put us in the same car and flight

Who watched Cee C telling Leo she might build a case against Alex for contravening a house rule which states that everyone must be allowed to exist? See you in court guys 😭

Alex: "He keeps laughing when I tell him I'm angry"

Nina: "I If I quarrel with him now that's how my mood will change throughout that day."
Bambam: "He eats my food...my meat. He bullies me."


The argument:

Alex using Cee-c blanket to clean her dirty eyeglasses.

Mind you , Cee c has just washed her blanket.

She confronted Alex, and that’s how the argument started.

Don’t let the hate cloud your judgement πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘.

Yes Alex is ABSOLUTELY NOT on Cee c mental wavelength....argue with your village witches 😠😠

I have never seen cee c going to any HM bed to mess up with their blanket,you want her to swallow shit from alex because of fear of been tag a problem girl?you re not been fair to her!

The treasure hunt

This week is about The Heritage Bank Challenge, which is more about decoding clues. For the task, the housemates were sorted into teams as follows:
  • Team Blue: Leo, Lolu, Ifu Ennada and Tobi
  • Team White: Miracle, Teddy A, Nina and Bambam
  • Team Green: Anto, Rico, Cee-C and Alex
They were then sent on a treasure hunt to find clues that denoted to particular objects of their Team colour.
Team Green was the first team to successfully get their kit box. Within their kit box lay all the tools that the teams needed to set up their strategy corner.
Team blue spent over two hours struggling to complete their treasure hunt.
All of this preparation and challenge will result in a House debate where each Housemate will play a role. The teams are expected to snoop and find out what the other teams are doing.
The essence of all of this is that in the real business world you need to know what your competitors are doing to enable you to up your game.

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