Nina says her relationship with Miracle will continue outside the #BBNaija house [Day 33 recap] -


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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Nina says her relationship with Miracle will continue outside the #BBNaija house [Day 33 recap]

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 33.

Check out a recap of day 33, including social media reactions.

The Unrehearsed but perfect drama by Tobi and Rico about Cee-C

CeeC let’s hope it stays that way...if you say enough is enough then let enough be enough...

Tobi and CeeC! Your love is too volatile, enough already. Biggie promised a twist this Sunday, I just hope there’ll be fake housemates, everybody’s coupled up! We need some new competition!

OKAY Tobi and Rico deserve an award for this! Some brilliant drama between Captain Hook and Peter Pan, not written or rehearsed but fresh from the mind! And the subject matter was CEE C, she didn’t even have a clue! This is part 1

Part 3 of this outstanding drama between Captain Hook (Tobi) and Peter Pan (Rico). Tobi has given Rico the nod to be with CeeC...

Part 4 of this enticing drama between Captain Hook (Tobi) and Peter Pan (Rico)...

Part 5 of Captain Hook (Tobi) and Peter Pan’s (Rico) coded language drama...

The final part of Captain Hook (Tobi) and Peter Pan’s (Rico) parabolic drama!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Mumu Cee C laughing, not knowing she’s the Crocodile in Tobi and Rico’s Peter pan’s play πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

cee c dead ass wants tobi back but brother cleared her this nyt thru rico he said rico can have the ocean and the crocodile(cc)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My highlight of Rico & Tobi's play
Rico aka Peter pan to Tobi there are two C's in crocodile, even Cee C couldn't decode that 😁 😁
Rico with the cappings πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

Only Teddy, Miracle and Leo knows what's going on BTW Rico and Tobi..

Sailors... If you know you know oo!

Diary Session

During his diary session, Leo said he is just friends with Alex and doesn't plan to start or continue what they have outside the house. Cee-C told Biggie that she doesn't think that any of the relationships in the house is real.

Nina was very emotional about losing the Arena Games. She told Biggie that she likes Miracle and is sure he likes her too. She also said that she doesn't plan to end their relationship outside the house.

Teddy A told Biggie that Cee C likes Rico and only chose Tobi as her strategic partner because she saw him as ambitious.

Ahneeka said that the closet to a genuine relationship in the house is Cebi (Cee-C and Tobi). According to her, though it's toxic, there's something good between them.

Angel told Biggie that Cee-C and Tobi genuinely like each other. However, Cee-C wants the latter to be who he isn't. He also feels that Mina (Miracle and Nina) is the most genuine relationship in d house as their relationship has influenced Nina positively to a large extent.

Miracle told Biggie that he likes Nina. He also described Ahneeka as a woman in man's body, a logic Biggie asked him to keep between them.

Tobi told Biggie that he felt none of the relationships in the House were real apart from Miracle and Nina's. He said the rest are just making strategic moves.

He also said that he did have feelings for Cee-C but he has since a different side to her, which he doesn't want to get involved in.

One of the questions that Biggie asked all the Housemates tonight was if they felt that any of the relationships in the House was genuine. Most of the housemates had one constant: Nina and Miracle. They feel that their relationship would evolve beyond the House.

Teddy A's diary session is bullshit, it's easy to judge Tobi when u r not paired with toxic Cee C

After Nina and miracle diary sessions, I believe it's best to start preparing our asoebi attires... We have just 2 months to prepare, they're getting married at lagos airport

I actually thought Teddy A was smart initially but with this diary session, I just discovered Mans is deluded and bitter about Mina and the bromance between Tobi and Miracle.

Teddy A's diary session just shows how unreal and full of pretense he is! Damn! I no like am 1 bit

angel yyyyyyy dint u have this diary session earlier team Mina would have killed you with votes!!! Our babies are genuine. 😘😘😘😘😘

Alex said she can't date someone like Teddy A that has a girlfriend outside, but she knows Leo has a girlfriend outside.
Pot, meet kettle.

After her diary session, I've confirmed that Alex is not serious about the game. She's basically dead grass.

Tobi advises Nina not to doubt Miracle's love 

After Nina lost the Arena games, she became moody and transferred her anger to Miracle. During a conversation with Tobi, the latter advised her to not doubt Miracle's love for her as he genuinely likes her.
He told her that their relationship is the only genuine relationship in the house.

In case you missed the TONACLE MOMENT 😩😩 Tobi you can get your star back lol i really like how tobi and Nina's friendship is evolving it started of as condescending to later genuinely fun teasing sis/bro vibes and he knows how his boy likes her so his there for them

Tobi helps miracle build his ship but miracle scatters tobi ship. The obvious is that miracle wants to be the only one with a relationship strategy.

From what Tobi said this night, he won't be surprised if Miracle is in a fix to save him or Nina and he saves Nina.... He knows Miracle got her back and his alliance with Mimi will save him

Tobi to nina: see bamteddy, na fake dem dey fake. See loto,the girl dey D game but lolu dey fool himself. See gelah, the girl dey use head the guy dey mumu himself. You and miracle are the only dynamic that is true in this house.

So was tobi right or right?

Miracle can save Nina at the expense of Tobi, it doesn't affect anything. Cc is not to Tobi what Nina is to Miracle.

I think Mina is a genuine ship the fact that now Tobi now respects Nina enough cos he knows his buddy is really into her
Meanwhile grandma(anto) saying miracle was hitting on herπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ girl wake up

Please who is ready to join Mina wedding planning committee?? I can't contain this joy i feel for dem anymore😁❤️❤️

Ahneeka wins the arena games


Ahneeka became the first woman to win the Arena games on this season of Big Brother Naija. She won the game in a record time of less than two minutes, with Ifu Ennada following closely.
Bambam and Teddy A quarrel over food

Romantic partners Bambam and Teddy A got into a little fight after Teddy A called Bambam out for wanting to have an extra piece of chicken while she hadn’t finished the one served last night.

He felt that was selfish and equivalent to cheating the system.

She tried to defend herself by explaining that the morning’s share was rightfully hers and therefore, she wasn’t trying to cheat anyone of a meal.

Teddy A seemed to be very passionate about the issue that kept insisting she was wrong.

What was your favourite part of the day?


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