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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Khor Sunday Vibes(6 ways to spend the Sunday)

 Cook something you wouldn’t have time to cook on a
weekday morning.
Go all out, make an exagegerated meal, have a fairy toast
jam and stemy cup of coffee ,prepare your favorite meal.
Finally, pair the meal with a hobby that doesnt stress
the eating and digesting process of the food_check your instagram account, facebook timeline, read a book, newspapaer, read an article online. Whatever you do , don’t rush. Savour your brekkie and pretend you’re in a cafe.

 Cheesy as this sounds it’s a great way to commemorate
the Sunday.
Did you know that in a world full of technologies and social media applications at your beck and call, a hand written message/letter shows you care.Write a letter to your mom, dad, girlfriend, wife,
best friend or even a colleague. Ask about their well being,.Wish them a happy week ahead, Let them know you care.You can sure expect little birdies to deliver messages to you in the coming week ahead.

If you spend all day inside the comfort of your house ,
you are more likly to get bored (more bored than a
receptionist logging in names and addresses into a
Step out of your house/ comfort zone. there are lots of places out there for everyone. No one cares if you spend your day in the mall without purchasing a single item,or in a bar with no one to clink a bottle with.Visit friends and family, take short trips to places you can’tvisit during the week days. Trust me your eyes would thank you

Sunday are a great for ordering a few bottles of beer,
munching on some wings, home delivery, or
home made meals/snacks solo or with a couple of
friends. to watch live shows, your favourite team
take the field, reality shows or just a plain favourite tv
show. You can also spice up the fun by hiting the
cineama solo or with a couple of friends.
Or visit your go-to-chill-spot, again_solo or with a
couple of friends.

 Throwing away stuf you have no need for can be more
relieving than you’d actually expect. No you don’t need
to keep those socks with holes in ‘em ,the white shirt
with stains or the worn out belts.You really don’t..
If you didnt clear it all out on Saturday_watchu waiting
Set your clothes & prep yourself for tommorrow
you’ll be thankful when you’re running late

 So you what its not friday,?
Bars and lounges usually promote special events on
Sunday to draw people in.  The great thing is that with
 a wide array of choices for fun comes incredible food,
a wide variety of beers, and a friendly crowd of party
 people.. Careful though a hangover on a busy Monday
morning is the worst way to start the week.

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