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Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Top 5 Things Women Hide From Their Partners

While it may be hard to admit for most people, we all have some levels of information we hide about ourselves from our partners. Despite they are supposed to be the closest to us, we choose not to share certain information either because of the problems them knowing may cause or because they’re better off not knowing.

Women especially hide things from their partners and here are the top five things that women generally hide from men.

Their Cheating Ways

Quite a number of women will hide the fact that they are cheating frim their men. While there are anumber of different reasons why women may cheat on their partners ranging from revenge to the fun of it, a lot are people to keep it a secret.

How Often They Exercise
The truth is quite a number of men are concerned with the weight of their partners and they usually make it known to them. While some women exercise to lose weight, some pretend to do so.

Some women Hide the fact that they’re not committed to their workout and weight-loss routine from their partners and instead pretend to follow through on it.

That They Once Had An Abortion
One of the biggest secrets women keep from their men is the fact that they once terminated their pregnancy. Keeping an abortion secret usually functions as some sort of wedge for women as most still feel bad about it.

They find it difficult about how they are still emotionally attached to th event that led to the termination of the pregnancy. More so, they withhold the secret to avoid hurting the feelings of their present partner, believing that doing so will stop them from reliving the mistakes of the past.

That They Have Never Experienced An Orgasm
This is one of the commonest secrets women Hide from men. While a lot of men believe that they are excellent in bed, truth is it takes some level of effort and commitment to get women to orgasm and very little women notify their partners of this failing.

A lot of women get bored of having sex with their partners and never get to tell them because they feel they will be hurting the egos of their men. I didn’t want him to keep working at it because I knew it wasn’t going to do any good. To let him know would only have hurt his already damaged ego.

That They’re Crushing On Other Women

A lot of women who have the tendency to be Bisexuals and they are usually afraid of how their partners would respond on knowing. It would usually take women a lot of guys to reveal this secret to their partners and a lot would rather not.

A lot of women indulge in bisexuality as a means of discovering more about themselves and their sexuality, hoping that if they keep the truth away from their partners, they can allow a more acceptable part of their lives work out for good.

Their Smoking Habit
Perhaps due to the fact that it is not a norm around this clime to find women moking openly, a lot of women hide the fact that they indulge in this habit from their partners.

Some withold this information as they want to be accepted ,while others do so to avoid being tagged and jidged by both their partners and the society at large.

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