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Saturday, 7 July 2018

How Can I Control My Boyfriend's Temper? — Solution

One of our readers recently sent us a mail which she titled  "How Can I Control My Boyfriend's Temper?"
below is what she sent :

I Have been dating him for almost 2 years now and i am looking forward to marrying him but his temper has always been too much.
He easily get annoyed over little things.
One minute he his happy and loving with me and the other minute he is something else. Sometimes i would be confused on what to do cause i may do A and he will get annoyed and i may do B and he will still get annoyed,I just get tired and confused.
Please what can i do cause i really love him but sometimes he can be really aggressive towards me.


I know, dealing with a short-tempered partner is very difficult. However, one golden rule that we can all follow is SHUT UP. Yes, we need to shut up during such situation because if we start talking, then things are only going to get worse. If you won’t talk back, who are they going to argue with? Themselves?
While sometimes it works, there are times we need more than this strategy to survive in intense situations. So next time your hot-tempered boyfriend won’t shut up and won’t even listen to you; can try doing following things-

1. As said before, shut up:
I know usually, girls are known to shout but when men are not innocent either. So just like you expect your man to listen to you while you shout; he also expects you to shut up listen to him as well. Make sure you don’t like as if you are ignoring him; that is going to make thing worse.

2. Be extremely patient:
Strength is having the patience to control your anger and shows the patience that is needed in these situations. I understand your need to defend yourself but realize that he is angry and it is a no-win situation. It is better to wait for him to cool down and then put your point in front of him.

3. Be careful what you say:
You know that it is a very fragile situation and what you need to keep in mind is “Less is More.” The lesser you engage yourself in the situation, the quicker he will cool down. Just let them rant whatever they want to and get everything off their chest; eventually, he will shut up then you can speak.

4. Think a great deal:
Now I know it is important for you to justify yourself and you should. However, you have to think very carefully before you say anything. Make sure you stick to the subject at hand. Don’t take things to an irrelevant direction and start a whole new fight. Emphasizing the subject at hand calmly put forward your views.

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