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Monday, 3 September 2018

20 Animals That Made Us Reconsider the Evolution

Scientists are making more and more discoveries connected with animal intelligence. For example, in India dolphins are now believed to have personalities and they have rights. We can’t say we are surprised by this because animals often amaze us with how smart, cunning, and charismatic they are.
Here at Bright Side, we’ve made a compilation of animals that are really smart and bright.

This horse is not going to pretend it’s funny.

A girl told her friends to wear horse masks to a ranch in order to see the animals’ reactions but felt really stupid after this horse looked at them like this.

Crows are great at trolling.

Crows are among the most cunning and smartest birds. This is why many nations think of crows as a symbol of wisdom. They troll other animals, annoy them and even turn them against each other. Experts say that they do it for fun. They can also use other animals as a taxi.
The intelligence of crows is way more advanced than we think.
Crows have an incredible learning ability. For example, once a crow flew to a University with its own pen. It was ready to study more than many students were, but they still didn’t let it in.

The cat was smarter than the owner expected!

“Took my cat to the vet today. This was the before and after. This was the look I got the entire ride home.”

“Can I get a menu around here?”

Gorilla Shabani is as charismatic as George Clooney!

This incredibly photogenic male gorilla can surpass many modern human models. It stays really calm and natural in front of cameras. Shabani is often compared to famous actors, such as George Clooney.

This dog, Umka tamed a capricious horse.

Umka lives in Siberia where the temperature is often 50º Celcius below zero. In such weather, the capricious horse won’t follow the owner until Umka “convinces” it to. Every day, the dog leads the horse to an ice-hole and brings the horse back.

This swan came to listen to street jazz.

Pandas love having fun!

Elephant artists

Many elephants have a talent for drawing. They can draw portraits, pictures of nature, and can even work on the same painting together.

This cat traveling on the subway

On the Japanese subway, there is an unusual passenger. This cat is really polite: he tries not to take up too much space, always leaves at his station, and never creates trouble for others. The cat has been using public transportation for several years.

A dog on the pedestrian crossing

The dog follows all the rules when crossing the street: it looks around and only then starts walking. Nobody taught it, it learned it on its own. If all people were this smart, there would be fewer car accidents.

This is a dream dog.

This shepherd named Secret is a really unusual dog. It plays music, dances, and draws paintings. It does yoga and helps around the house.

A resourceful seal

This seal realized that it didn’t need to hunt if people would just go to the store and get as much fish as necessary. So, the seal simply crosses the street every day to get “the prey”.

A pig that works at a nursing home

Elderly people love this pig. It knows a lot of tricks and can make even the saddest person laugh. It even received a special education and is now a" therapist".

This swan removes trash from the lake.

This is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house by herself and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own bus pass attached to her collar.

This cat named George can walk on 2 paws.

George also practices his contemptuous look to show other people their mistakes. His owner says that George wants to become human and rule the world.

A lost kitten was returned to its owner on the train.

This young cat was noticed by a conductor when she wanted to get on the train. The cat wasn’t let in several times but she kept coming back. Then, they decided to take the cat.
The conductor was amazed by how polite the cat was: she was just sitting in a passenger seat until the train arrived at the station. The cat was left at the railway station and the conductor posted the information on social media to find it a new family. But her owner called and the cat returned home.

A smart spider used an anchor to make its web.

Which animal did you think was the smartest? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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