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Monday, 29 October 2018

Six Phrases That Can Help You Calm Your Anxiety

When you are stressed out, anxiety beckons and your mind is racing with all your fears; there are a number of phrases that you can repeat after taking a deep breath. You’ll instantly start calming anxiety and feeling in control.
“Just Do It”
This Nike catchphrase can help you get past your current state and start calming anxiety. Even if it doesn’t have the perfect outcome, at least you’re moving away from the anxiety of trying to figure out your next step. There’s no wrong decision, as long as you do something to move out of deliberation mode.
Stop trying to find the perfect solution and just take some movement forward, even if it’s an imperfect step forward.
“I will be fine”
Remind yourself that although anxiety is unpleasant, you’re in no physical danger when your emotions are taking over. In a moment of anxiety, especially with panic disorder, people feel like ‘I’m not going to survive this. This is not OK to feel this way. Telling yourself that you will be fine can help to douse tensions and make you feel less anxious.
“I am Grateful for…”
Take a moment to appreciate your good health, loving family, or stable job. Your brain can’t experience stress and gratitude at the same time, so it’s an effective way to change your mindset.
When you feel stressed or brain fog, if you can shift to a place of expressing gratitude for something in life, that immediately starts to shift into a more restorative state. If you find the anxiety coming back again, just go back to feeling grateful.
Practice mindfulness
Calming anxiety in this way can help you stay in the moment, rather than stressing out about all your worries and regrets. Notice your thoughts and sensations as they come, and shift them back to what’s happening in the present moment.
Focusing on watching your kids or washing the dishes can help keep your thoughts to more positive things. It’s having the ability to redirect them and putting your attention to whatever the current moment has.
“It Happens”
When you feel overwhelmed by things you can’t control like gridlocked traffic or your boss’s mood, calming anxiety isn’t always easy. Accept that bad things happen and give yourself up to the course of the day. It’s the nicest thing because you’re not trying to manage anything anymore.
“It will go away”
When you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, remind yourself that anxiety is fleeting. When you are chronically stressed, it can feel like you are drowning in problems and are barely staying afloat. Reminding yourself that the cause of the stress is not permanent can provide peace of mind and grant the energy required to tackle the problem and explore viable solutions.

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