Dear woman, here is why it is absolutely OK to date younger men -


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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dear woman, here is why it is absolutely OK to date younger men

Especially when you are 30’ish.
Dear woman, here is why it is absolutely OK to date younger men [Credit: iStock]
Dear woman, here is why it is absolutely OK to date younger men [Credit: iStock]

The age difference between a woman and the man she chooses to be with no longer counts in many parts of the world. This is sadly not the case around here… yet.

One hopes that at some point, relationships will count more for their essence and not for the superficial factors like age, appearance and other things that should not be elevated above communication, honesty, commitment and others.
But that time is not here just yet; so we still have to talk about how happiness and the protection of your peace should be the major huge factors to consider when deciding who to be with.
As a previous Pulse piece reads: If a man is “intentional about making you happy and adding value to your life, if he brings balance and helps in all spheres of your wellbeing, it really should not matter that he’s younger or older.”
This advice holds more value especially for women close to 30 or older. The fear for women who say no to younger men is usually due to the belief that men in their early and mid-twenties are often commitment-shy, financially unstable and still rookies when it come to treating a woman right.
At 30 and above, however, finding men who are younger than you but above these so-called flaws shouldn’t be so difficult anymore. In their late twenties, men are usually tuning in to the idea of commitment and are already finding some level of financial stability. Emotional maturity is also typically higher amongst men of this age bracket than in younger men.
No need to lose sleep just because a guy is few years younger than you. [Credit: Davina Diaries]
So for women in their 30’s, age should not be an excuse if a man shows the right attitude towards being with you.
“I know several people who are married to men who are younger than them and they are amongst the happiest of the married people I know, honestly, because the truth is that it’s not about age and that’s one of the things I keep telling women,” says relationship expert, Lape Soetan during a recent interview with Pulse.
 Lape is a UK certified relationships and life coach and adds on this subject that: “It’s not about age, it’s not about height, it’s not about where the person comes from, his surname or things like that.
“It’s about how the person treats you, how they treat other people because that is an indication of how they would treat you in the future. So if someone treats you well, has a good head on his [shoulder], and treats other people well, if he is four years younger than you, do not count him out. That is what I think about it.
“Same thing goes for if he is ten years older than you"

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