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Monday, 21 January 2019

For Men: 7 important things women wish you knew about relationships

7 important things women want men to know about relationships [Credit: Videoblocks]

Do you think you know women enough to enter into a healthy relationship with one?

Women have always complained about being misunderstood. There have also been complaints about there being too many men clueless on how to treat women right.
So we reached out to real life women, and here is what seven young women, speaking on behalf of the all women, want men to know about relationships:
1.      Only the ones that care nag
“If a girl ‘nags’, she cares; it is those who don’t care that just sit back and let you do as you like,” says Tola, a financial intelligence expert.
So, guys, maybe start appreciating that girl that cares enough about you and the relationship to the point where she constantly speaks up when things are not being done as they should be.
2.      “We never mean it when we say don’t talk to us ever again”
Chidinma wants you to know that when your babe tells you to go away and never talk to her during an argument or a fight, you should never ever listen to her.
“It’s just a defense for her in that moment, she does not mean it,” the Lagosian says.
3.      Relationship happiness is not about money!
Mary is emphatic when she tells Pulse that many men wrongly place an overrated level of importance on money.
“All we really want is for you to not be a jerk!” she adds.
For many women, according to Mary, dating is not about your money or how much you earn. We just want to be treated like we matter and we want to feel loved. You can’t afford that with money!
4.      Get your interpretation of ‘strong women’ right!
Mary adds that too many guys hope for a “strong and independent woman,” yet when they see one, they get intimidated, and that is one more thing that men need to go figure out before coming to disrupt the lives of women who want more than to just be subservient housewives and nurturers.
“When you say you want a strong woman, please get the implications right before coming here to try and limit me or rein me in,” she emphasises.
5.      Just be consistent
“Don’t start something in the beginning only to stop after you get her, that’s all we ask for. Just be consistent,” Precious says..      Don’t shut us out
Rachel says she would be very happy if men would communicate more with their women, instead of clamping up with the expectation that the women would understand that they want to be left alone.
“We [women] always want to talk. We want you to talk to us. We always want to know what is going on in your head and on your mind. Just don’t keep mute or leave us in the dark.”
7.      Women are not all the same
Adaobi wishes more men would realise that all women are not the same, instead of “feeling like they have a manual to relating with women.”
She adds that “just communicate so as to know the particular woman you are dealing with.
“That’s not too much to ask for is, it?”
No, it’s not, Ada. I think I speak for every reasonable man when I say that.

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