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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

How To Be Successful in Any School

So many Nigerian students find it very hard to succeed in their academics, yes it is true that our educational system is bad but with determination success is quaranteed. Below are some important tips for students who wish to succeed.
1. Set goals for yourself:
from your first day in school you can set a goal for yourself like I want to graduate with a first class, also at the beginning of every semester you can still set a goal for yourself like I want to attain a CGPA of 4.00 setting these goals keeps you focus and helps to boast your moral
2. Attend classes and pay attention in class :
Attending your classes is as important as paying attention in class, many students see the classroom as a place of fun and socialization, which is very wrong if you want to succeed you must attend your classes, pay attention and also make short notes which you can refer to during your reading hours.
3. Keep the right set of friends :
The friends you keep always have a great influence on how you live your life, they can either add to you or remove from you. It is adviced that you chose friends who have like minds with you, also remember to make friends with the sharp brains in class so they can help you out when you fail to understand some lectures.
4. Let go of pride :
Humility is key, don’t be a proud student it is a virus that kills slowly, don’t write off any topic, no man is an island of knowledge, ask questions when you don’t understand, meet the gurus in class to help you out when you cant understand a particular topic.
5. Cultivate a good reading habit :
No student will succeed without reading. As it is the most vital tool for academic success. Here are some good reading tips
a. Have a specific reading venue, and time these helps to condition your mind and helps you to focus on your books.
b. Know your reading ability, don’t say because your friend reads for 6 hours and therefore you will have to read for 7 hours come on you might read for just 3 hours and still cover what your friend read for 6 hours. It’s a personal race
c. Remember to read with a glass of water it helps to keep your brain refreshed
d. Form a reading group, if possible make some rules that will guide the group, agree on a specific meeting venue and time where you meet and share ideas. Trust me this helps a lot
Always go through all that you have been thought befor going to bed do this on a daily base and you will see the resultresult
e. Avoid fire brigade approach, start reading from your first day of resumption avoid procrastination don’t wait till you see the exam time table before you start reading this is one of the causes of exam fever.
f. The fact that you are doing your assignment dosnt mean you should not go through what you were thought that day
6. Ensure you do all your assignments, tests and practicals :
This is where wise students get their marks from, never rely souly on exams, also wise students don’t joke with practicals because this is where they practice the theory they have been thought in class
7. Remember to always take out time and rest, hang out with friends and have fun, as they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and
8. Lastly though not the least always carry your God along, pray like you never read and read like you never prayed.

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