Is Fear Stopping You From Reaching Your Goal? Understand and Follow These Steps to Overcome it. -


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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Is Fear Stopping You From Reaching Your Goal? Understand and Follow These Steps to Overcome it.

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Over the years I’ve learnt that there are hidden fears that stop people from reaching their goals. It’s called fear of success, and it occurs regularly than you might think. You may experience it in different ways but the result is always the same. No matter what kind of goal someone is trying to reach, be it financial, health, career, parenting or relationship, there are some common traps that might stop them from living their dream in life. Everyone is bound to experience fear at a certain point in life. You must learn how to use fear to your advantage. Learning to overcome fear is necessary. You must learn how to push through hard times, because there is always a hard time. Meanwhile, we all know that fear exist and most people has never thought about looking deep to know the cause and effect of fear in their lives.
The below steps will help you overcome your fears and make you strive for success.
  • The fear of failing
To reach your true potential you must lessen irrelevant emotionally based fear such as anxiety, doubt, emotional damage or limiting beliefs etc. Identify that you are going to be encountering some challenges in pursuing your goal, don't declare yourself a dismissal failure, use your energy to generate a plan to get back. Any consistence fear that does not protect your well being should be canceled. Success comes in a straight line. Most people think one step back means they are back to the start which is one of the major reasons why they give up. There is a saying that ''the downfall of a man is not the end of his life'', failure does not mean you are out of the game. Failure is not a mistake; it's the best you can do at that circumstance. The greatest mistake is to stop trying.
Don’t give up before you see the outcome
 In today's digital world, most people find it difficult to wait for the time it takes to reach a goal. Just because you didn't see result does not mean your efforts are wasted. Most people criticize, conclude or judge themselves even before seeing the result. One thing about fear is it impacts your ability to make decision and follow it. Be truthful to yourself; tell yourself how important your goal is. Create a timeline for it, if you can’t work on it today tell yourself when to tackle it and always learn to be confident and exercise patient. Note that everything has its time of manifestation.
Make your goal a must
The fear of something bad might happen has stopped most people from reaching their goal and the reason is because they didn't make it a priority. Your goal should be a matter of must, not probability, stay focus and say to yourself, i must reach my goal. Some fear getting hurt along the line. Note that if a man has not discovered that which is worth dying for, that man is not worth living.
Lack of self confidence
Note that life in general is based on belief. What you belief will work for you. Many emotional fears are based on low self esteem, most people feel inferior while others underestimate themselves even before getting to their destination. Maybe because of the personalities involved in the same goal. The fact that everybody are after one particular goal doesn't make you a looser, may be because they are more skilled than you. Don’t in any circumstance think low of yourself. It’s very wrong to belittle yourself, no matter the situation belief in your ability and your capability because you can actually do all things if you belief you can.
Before you think about quitting why not seat back and think about why you started.

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