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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Women become more attracted to men when other women show interest in them; how true is this?

Sneaky woman

Women only like you when you are taken. This is a sentiment that a good number of guys can relate with.

Either via social media interaction or during other random chatters that guys have at bars, viewing centers and other men caves, the notion often propagated is that you could be single for such a long time with not much female attention coming your way. The ladies could keep overlooking you all through that time, the belief goes.

However, once you get into a relationship and have a woman’s attention and love, a switch occurs. You begin to attract a lot more women than you used to. When you have a woman on your arm, other women start paying you the kind of attention they did not use to give you when you were all by yourself.

Attraction happens more towards men who are taken than those who aren't. [Credit: Elite Readers]

Now this concept is not just rooted in unverifiable observations, beliefs and drunken beer parlour talk. The idea that women usually like men that other women like is backed up by scientific findings. A study from the University of St Andrew's, published in the journal Scientific Reports, has found that men get an "attractiveness boost" when they are chosen by other women.

Scientists think this happens because women are wired to think that when men are taken, they are probably kind and faithful, and thus good partners. The probability of a man attracting more women after getting a partner seems to be further increased if the woman he's with is beautiful, very attractive and/or successful.

Especially if the man has a beautiful or successful partner, women will be drawn more to him than if he was all by himself. [Credit: Capital FM]

That a man could get such a beautiful or successful woman seems to increase his attraction quotient in the eyes of other women. The occurrence of this could have something to with the inherent competitiveness that humans generally possess.

While all of that is a thing, the duty of being respectful, faithful and keeping your relationship going still exists as well. So while being with your babe could make you look hotter and project you as a more attractive option to other women, never forget the only one you should have eyes for.

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