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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Exposed: How to Buy Benz with Pants - Yahoo Boys

Guys, this period has been crazy! Turning pants to Benz seems to the biggest move of late 2018 / early 2019 and counting, but can you really buy Benz with pant? I mean a real-life Mercedes Benz automobile, bought with a mere used female underwear! How’s that possible?

All over most Nigerian blogs are stories of females who are either robbed of their pants at gunpoint, Yahoo boys caught with pants or have had their undies stolen from the clothesline where they were hung to dry. Sets off a feeling that this ‘pant to Benz’ issue might be something.

The thing is this method of getting a Mercedes Benz automobile with a mere used pant isn’t straightforward. It entails something more than natural, which is why in the song “Logo Benz” by Olamide and Lil Kesh, they sang about if their hustle doesn't pay, ‘dem go do blood money.’ From all indication, it simply means that if their music hustle doesn’t favor them, they’d jump to stealing ladies [email protected] and going diabolical to get themselves a Benz car or whatever automobile tickles their fancy – and to think these are people’s role models can be baffling. This just tells you that buying Benz with pant isn’t regular. If you are still curious how you can get a Benz with pant, read along.

Believe it or not, money rituals have been a thing in Africa especially Nigeria for a long time. There are stories of different affluent men in Nigeria who are believed to have their fortune via ritualistic means. There have been different styles of money ritual going on for years now. Many of this diabolic style of making money involves using human parts, which is why several times a year arrests are made by security agents of suspected ritualists caught with human body parts.

How can we forget a seemingly mad man who was caught answering calls some years ago under a bridge around Ofotoku in Delta State? When investigated, he was discovered to be a ritualistic killer who kidnapped, killed and sold off different body parts of his victims to highly placed men in the Nigerian society.

Well, away from the ‘old school,’ let’s get back to why we are here. Towards the later months of last year (2018), a ‘new school’ style of money ritual began. This new school style didn’t directly involve cutting off limbs or body parts of unsuspecting victims but stealing regular underwear from innocent females or call girls!

This approach was and still is believed to be widely used by internet fraudsters (aka ‘yahoo boys’) whose only means to an end is defrauding unsuspecting victims, usually foreigners from the United states of America and other countries, of their hard-earned money. The modus operandi usually involves a powerful native herbalist conduct a ritual and ‘bless’ them to be able to ‘command’ their unsuspecting victims to release money for them. This is where the buying Benz with pant gets interesting.

It is believed that native doctor(s) ask these internet fraudsters to get the underwear of females either those they sleep with or just regular females and use these pants to concoct some kind of spiritual power which makes the internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) able to authoritatively request for money from their foreign victims. What happens to the victims of these pant thefts are yet unknown, however, reports say they end up on the street mentally unstable while the young guys who use these [email protected] for ritual end up purchasing ‘Benz’.

It is particularly unclear where this idea of ‘mining pants’ and turning them into Benz emanated from, but it is believed to have gained notoriety in Delta State. Internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) who have favored Warri, Mosogar, Jesse, Asaba and most especially Abraka as their hub, are said to have wreaked much havoc on females’ pants in the area.

The thing is there’s no substantial claim that turning pants to Benz is real, but seeing as ‘blood money’ and ritual killings (thanks to Nollywood for the massive exposure) has made everyone realize that something as sinister as this is deep-rooted in Nigeria, it’s best to stay safe and protect yourself and your pants at all cost.

It’s a pity how the youths no longer believe in the tiny drops of hard work that makes the mighty ocean of success. They have lost belief in the country, in their tomorrow and just want to amass wealth at any cost, even if it means scavenging the whole place for women’s pants.

While there haven’t been any instances of the after-effects on victims whose pants may have been used for ‘buying Benz,’ we shouldn’t be s£duced into thinking that this is something to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Now to answer that question of 'if you can actually buy Benz with pants', I’d say NO. Work hard, be consistent with your legal hustle and one day you’ll be well to do enough to walk into any dealership and snag you any ride of your choice without feeling remorseful about what you did to make that much money. No blood on your hands and no weight on your conscience so let that thought of using pants to buy Benz leave your mind ASAP!

Post Written by: Uche Charles D'Maestro
Disclaimer: The contents of this post are of the authors' view and not of Khorgist Media.
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