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Monday, 29 July 2019

Common wrong grammars we speak

Common wrong grammars by Nigerians

1. You're taking it personal ❌
You're taking it personally ✅

2. He is matured❌
He is mature ✅
He has matured ✅

3. The reason is Because ❌
The reason is that ✅

4.My stuffs❌
My stuff✅

5. Night vigil❌

6. Traveling bag❌
Travel Bag✅

7. As at when due❌
As and when due✅

8. Be rest assured❌
Rest assured✅

9. I'm hearing you❌
I can hear you✅

10. My names are❌
My name is✅

11. All manners of❌
All manner of✅

12. She delivered a baby boy❌
She was delivered of a baby boy✅

13. Lacking behind❌
Lagging behind✅

14. Crack your brain❌
Rack your brain✅

15. Return it back❌
Return it✅

16. Nigeria comprises of 36 states❌
Nigeria comprises 36 states✅
Nigeria is comprised of 36 states✅

17. Wake keeping❌
Wake keep❌

18. Exercise patience❌
Be patient✅

19. Barbing saloon❌
Barber shop✅

20. I forgot my phone at home❌
I left my phone at home✅

21. Borrow me your pen❌
Lend me your pen✅

22. May I borrow your pen✅
More grease to your elbow❌
More power to your elbow✅make

23. Funny enough, I've never liked him❌
Funnily enough, I've never liked him✅

24. My body is scratching me❌
My body itches✅

25. Letterhead paper❌

26. I'm not your mate❌
We're not mates✅

27. You're mannerless❌
You're ill-mannered✅

28. Horn at the car in front❌
Honk at the car in front✅

29. Happy birthday in arrears❌
Happy belated birthday❌
Belated happy birthday✅

30. I will sleep at 10pm❌
I will go to bed at 10pm✅

31. Just when I thought I have seen it all❌
Just when I thought I had seen it all✅

32. First come, First serve❌
First come, First served✅

33. Please dash me❌
Please hand it on to me✅
Please give me✅

34. I have a running nose❌
I have a runny nose✅

35. I have a running stomach❌
I have a runny stomach✅
I have an upset stomach✅

36. Working Experience❌
Work Experience✅

37. God have done it ❌
God has done it ✅

38. He do lie a lot❌
He lies a lot ✅

39. Women loves men❌
Women love men ✅

40. A bunch of banana❌
A bunch of bananas ✅

41. I no my redeemer lives❌
I know my redeemer lives✅

42. Get them some minerals ❌
Get them some soft drinks✅

43. The scream of my phone is bad❌
The screen of my phone is bad✅

44. The Armies ran after us❌
The Army ran after us ✅
The soldiers ran after us✅

45. My mother cooked jollof beans❌
My mother cooked beans ✅

46. Inbox your message ❌
Send your message to my inbox ✅

47. You are bless my son ❌
You are blessed my son ✅

48. Eat and die alone ❌
Eat and dine alone ✅

49. Off the light ❌
Switch off the light ✅

50. The tap is rushing ❌
The tap is running ✅

51. I will pay instalmentally ❌
I will pay in instalments ✅

52. He is matured❌
He is mature ✅
He has matured ✅

53. The plumpy lady cares ❌
The. Plump lady cares ✅

54. You are trickish ❌
You are tricky ✅

55. He is cunny ❌
He is cunning ✅

56. The division is alright ❌
The division is all right ✅

57. She was disvirgined by the boyfriend ❌
She was deflowered by the husband ✅

58. I was opportuned to attend the event ❌
I had the opportunity of attending the event ✅

59. There was go slow ❌
Thee was a gridlock ✅

60. The senator has cross carpeted to another party ❌
The senator has defected to another party ✅

61.We will attend the christian wake keeping/wake keep ❌
We will attend the Christian wake ✅

62. They have taken the light ❌
Power has been interrupted ✅

63. I saw your missed call ❌
I missed your call  ✅

64. Your voice is cracking ❌
The line is breaking ✅

65. Flash me ❌
Give me a drop-call, beep me, or give me a beep ✅

66. I am hearing you ❌
I can hear you  ✅

67. Come again ❌
Say that again ✅

68. We had cold claw for lunch ❌
We had Cole Slough for lunch ✅

69. I was beaten by the rain ❌
I was drenched by the rain ✅

70. We had jollof beans for dinner ❌
We had concocted beans for dinner ✅

71. Happy marriage life. ✅
Happy married life. ❌

72. Certificate.  ✅
Cerfiticate. ❌

73. Napkin. ✅
Nakpin. ❌

74. Herdsmen. ✅
Heardsmen. ❌

75. Silver. ✅
Sliver.  ❌

76. Chin chin. ✅
Chim chim. ❌

77. British: Extreme
American : End
Nigerian : Extreme end

78. British: Knicker
American: Short
Nigerian: Short knicker

79. British : Salon
American : Barbershop
Nigerian: Barbing salon

80. British: Bend
American: corner
Nigerian: Bend corner

81. British: so,
American: Therefore
Nigerian: So therefore,

82. British: Ten Pounds each
American: Ten Dollars each
Nigerian: Ten Ten Naira each.

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