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Monday, 29 July 2019

Top 5 Ways To Help Build Up Your Self Respect At Work

Respect : a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respect for others and towards own self is gradually been erased in this modern lifestyle. I think respect should be key part of each society. Respect for each other tastes, preferences, choices. Many people fail to realize that we have to respect all including cleaners, cooks, waiters, drivers, gatekeepers , gardeners etc, for us to truly earn respect. I have a couple of real life stories about this down this post

Treating others with respect shows at the first place who you are. Showing respect for someone means showing admiration to the person. Respect is the highest ethical degree for human communication.

Yes, but don’t confuse respect and politeness with letting them take advantage of you. Stand your ground! Respect and Trust are always earned by extending them to others!

No matter your age, experience and status, if you are someone who respects others out of habit more opportunities open up for people and what’s more? You start a chain of maturity. Because respectfulness is contagious

Dear Bosses: There is so much respect in getting credit alerts as at when due too. It is inspiring and motivating. No one is due respect because of their title or because they say so. You earn respect and it is earned by treating others the way you would want to be treated as the old saying goes. You get back what you give.

You may want to disagree. saying this works well in theory, In some view, It is more complicated way to earn respect to act like you share your sympathy with themselves. People treat their own motivation as the no.1 need. You may respect others, but if you failed to identify their goals, they will think that you misjudge this ability’s meaning.

But Agree Manners cost nothing! They go hand in hand with being respectful with this and don’t forget about self respect too. As the saying goes, who goes comes around. There are some things money cannot buy among them is respect.

It’s time to ask your heart to make some room and start wearing your self-respect on your sleeve too.

Here are my personal top 5 ways to help build up the respect in yourself.

1 – Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you

2 – Always stick to your own moral codes

3 – Never speak negatively about yourself

4 – Increase your knowledge

5 – Always keep your promises

For me personally, I think it’s difficult to show respect to others if you are lacking self-respect.

Learning about self-respect is understanding that you are no less than anyone else and you too are worthy of love and respect.

Self respect and love to one’s self is the basic component for self esteem. You can’t give love and respect to others if you don’t know how to love and respect yourself. It is important to not confuse self love and self respect with narcissism and ego-centrism.

You may want to add 6, 7, 8 as i have explained in the blog post …. which definitely include minding your business, cutting your coat with what’s available to you

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