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Friday, 2 August 2019

If going on dates makes you nervous, this is for you

  If the idea of meeting people gives you the chills and anxiety issues, here is a solution that could work for you.
If going on dates makes you nervous, this is for you (Credit - Ranchatdovetree)

The fact that so many people hope to find love but detest going out and suffer anxiety at the thought of meeting people is something that’s low-key bothersome.

It sounds like nothing but a joke on social media, the sort of banter that gets thrown around for laughs all the time, but underneath all the jokes and fooling around is a real issue that deserves to be spoken about.

Getting out and opening up yourself to the prospect of meeting and connecting with people is one necessary step to finding the kind of love that everyone seems to be asking God about these days.

So if you are finding it hard to do the most basic dates and hangouts due to anxiety issues and a lack of self-confidence, you may need to get some help and there’s some of that here for you.

According to Trish Blackwell, a confidence coach and founder of the College of Confidence, “confidence is imperative because it helps you find partners who are good fits for you, not for someone you are pretending to be or they are hoping you are.”

She tells Elite Daily that: “confidence gives you an attractive edge, which is always helpful in dating because it means that you know who you are and what you want.”

“It’s OK to be nervous for a date, that’s normal and not a sign that your confidence is shaky,” Blackwell explains. “Translate your nerves into ‘excitement’ and you’ll give yourself a confidence advantage.”

Playing music that puts you in a good mood helps, as does any other thing that puts you in your element. The idea is to relax as much as you can possibly do.

Relax as much as you possibly can. [Credit Pinterest]

“Don’t be afraid to spend five minutes stretching, doing some deep, mindful breaths and speaking out loud affirmations,” advises Blackwell.

Make sure whatever you put on makes you feel good – don’t try to rock a tight dress and heels if that’s not your normal vibe. When you feel good, the people who encounter you feel good too.

“First impressions are often formed based on the expression of confidence, so if you want to exude confidence on a date, carry yourself with a confident posture,” Blackwell explained. “There are many ways to do this, but a few are to wear clothes that you love and that, most importantly, make you feel good.”

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