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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

How 10 Celebrity Marriages Crashed In 10 Months

The year 2019, so far has revealed so much in store for Nollywood stars. Many of them welcomed babies this year, while a good number of their marriages also hit the rocks. Most of the marriages were admired by fans who concluded the matches were made in heaven. It was, therefore, a shock when news made the rounds on how the marriages crashed.

Within 10 months, over 10 marriages have crashed. Just a few days ago, news went viral that two talented and influential actors marriages crashed. Days ago news were making the rounds on social media that highly talented actor, Chukwujekwu Blossom and wife, Maureen Esisi, have parted ways and are now living in separate houses.

It was also reported that ex-wife to Ubi Franklin, Lilian Esoro, was pregnant for the said actor. The couple and the accused actress have kept mute about the story. Their close friend, also an actress, Pradita, confirmed the breakup on her Instagram page.

According to her post “I have known Maureen Esisi and Blossom Chukwujekwu for a long time now. I knew them each separately before they got together and one thing that remained unique about them is how amazing and such a sweetheart they both are.

“Till date, they remain so, it is in their DNA. The news about their separation is sadly and painfully true. But the news being peddled and written about them is however very untrue. Do not believe everything you read on social media. They reserve the right to decide what part of their lives to make public and which to keep private.

“At this point, let us respect their choice for privacy over this issue and pray for best for them. If it is God’s will, they will sort it out and be together again and if not, they will remain good friends as they move on with their separate lives”.

Blossom and Maureen’s marriage lasted for 3 years before it crashed.

Also Ken Erics failed marriage came at the same time Blossom’s marriage to Maureen has reportedly crashed. It was reported that actor, Ken Erics marriage ended over alleged discovery of a secret love child. The news of the marriage breakup came as a rude shock to fans, because Ken Erics is loved by many, as he is one actor who has tried as much as possible to stay off scandal.

The news went viral a few days ago when his wife, Onyi Adaba, commented on Instagram that the actor had moved out of their matrimonial house 7 months ago.

It was reported that the actor left his home when he realised that his wife had a love child she kept hidden from him. It was also gathered that she reverted to her maiden name the day her bride price was returned to his family, Also there were reports that she was only trying to drag the actor’s name, knowing well he detests drama in the mud, and so decided to make her story public before it could go on the internet and people start to insult her.

In an interview the wife granted, she denied the allegation. According to her, “I cannot talk now, but all I can say is that there was no child before the marriage or after it. They just want to soil my name, I swear on my unborn children that I don’t have any child. I have really suffered, I currently live in the village, because there is nowhere else to go.

Since the wedding night until he moved out, Ken did not touch me and I have only just found out on the internet the reason he never touched me at all”.

A few days ago, Onyi Adaba made a revelation on Instagram about her husband. She disclosed that the marriage ended because Ken Erics, who happens to be her husband, is gay and as a result left their matrimonial home and lying that she had a love child before the marriage. The couple got married in Enugu on December 28, 2017, and it hit the rocks in 2019.

A few months ago, actress Queen Wokoma’s one year marriage crashed. The actress was married to a River State politician, Prince Kalade Allison. The politician announced the end of his marriage to the Ini Edo’s look alike actress through a post on his Instagram handle. According to him, “there is always an end to everything and this is the end for us. It’s best we go our separate ways and please no bashing for the sake of our innocent son, I believe this is the best decision. Peace is priceless and no man wants to die before his time. I am by this notice formally letting the general public know that Queen Wokoma is no longer my wife, pending our final annulment (divorce). I wish her and whoever she intends to spend the rest of her life with the best in the future”.

It was also reported that the marriage had faced a lot of problems, which they could not withstand anymore. Althrough the drama, the actress kept mute and kept posting beautiful pictures on her Instagra page. The actress looks like Ini Edo, and has featured in movies such as Nurses Cult, Snake Lord, Dangerous Mafians and lots of others. The marriage lasted for barely 2 years and was blessed with a cute boy.

Popular actor, Mofe Duncan, was not left out of the marriage crash saga, as his 3 years old marriage to Jessica Kakkad reportedly crashed.

His estranged wife had taken to her Instagram page on Thursday, April 11th, 2019, where she shared the story. A fan asked her if she was married? And she responded not anymore. And fans wondered how they were able to keep the collapse of their marriage a secret.

The couple (Mofe Duncan and Jessica Kakkad) tied the nuptial knot in 2015 in a very beautiful ceremony, which was attended by all the big names in the entertainment industry. They even celebrated their wedding anniversary with beautiful messages on Instagram. The marriage has been over for a year, before it got to the public. The news of their marriage crash was also confirmed by the actor on his Instagram handle as well.

He wrote: “My marriage has been over for over a year as I have remained cordial with both families and would continue to remain cordial as God guides me”.

The couple got married in 2015 and the marriage crashed in 2019. In February 2019, popular Yoruba actor, Tayo Bernard (Baba Tee)’s wife reportedly quit their marriage as the actor impregnated another woman.

Baba Tee’s wife, Dupe Odulate, confirmed their marriage breakup through a message on her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday. According to her “dear Lord, condemn those that condemn me secretly and openly. Walk in my shoes, know what I go through before you judge me. I apologise to those that I have offended because of this guy. Now, I understand better, life goes on, I cannot come and die. Be a man and say the truth”.

According to a source, Dupe Odulate got to know about Baba Tee’s secret mistress in the U.K. through her friends before deciding to quit the marriage. Baba Tee’s marriage to Dupe was second, as he was initially married to Yetunde Oduwole. He left her for Dupe in 2015 and the second marriage lasted for 3 years and was blessed with a son.

There were also rumours towards the end of 2018, that beautiful actress, Yvonne Jegede and actor husband Olakunle Fawole’s marriage was in trouble. In 2019, the actress finally confirmed that her one-year-old marriage to Olakunle Fawole has crashed in an interview with the Pulse, saying she quit the marriage three months after she got pregnant with her son. According to her, “we started having issues before the birth of Xavier, I think I was about two to three months pregnant when the issues came. Immediately the issues came, there was never a dull moment, it just kept going up and up and it got worse and it got worse and today here we are”. She also added that when the issue became very obvious, she moved out of their matrimonial home after a mutual agreement. It was reported that the issue allegedly stemmed from the paternity of the child.

Popularly Yoruba actress, Ayonimofe Onibiyo (Aolat)’s, 12 years old marriage crashed. She also revealed the truth behind the marriage crash in an interterview, she granted Yoruba Movie Gist. She denied that the marriage crashed based on infidelity as speculated.

According to her “yes, the marriage has packed up, but it was on a lighter mood, not based on infidelity or a bad way”, my inability to conceive on time was the main reason we parted ways and he understands. My estranged husband is a good man. He is the one who made me to be what I am today and I respect him for that”. The marriage lasted for 10 years, after the first child, the couple waited for 7 years before they both parted ways.

Multi-talented actor IK Ogbonna and wife, Sonia Morales, officially ended their 3 years marriage in 2019. The couple tied the nuptial knot in 2015, and the marriage crashed in 2019. Before the marriage crashed, there had been stories making rounds, that there was trouble in Paradise.

Just recently, the wife, Sonia, announced the dissolution of her marriage on Instagram and while she said her goodbye to her ex and the beautiful life they once had, she didn’t share reasons they have decided to go their different ways. The union was blessed with a son. Many celebrities have also shown their support on social media through comments, for the mother of one. Their separation was one devoid of messy details and drama. They both took it maturely.

Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro, this couple is no doubt, one of the most admired couples in the entertainment industry. Their match was like one made in heaven, it came as a rude shock, few months ago when actor Gbenro Ajibade called out his wife on social media on how she raised their only child Azariah neglecting her and dropping her with the maid to cater for. Though lots of fans were totally against Gbenro for taking such actions and said he should have involved family members to sort out their differences instead of bringing it out on social media. The couple seemed to have settled their differences and things seemed to be okay. But the beautiful actress has now raised suspicions, by removing Gbenro’s surname from her page, while Gbenro has also unfollowed her on Instagram and now Gbenro is living in the U.S. with their daughters, while Osas is in Nigeria.

Lastly, popular Yoruba actor, Yomi Gold’s marriage is reported to be in serious trouble. The actor is said to be in love with a younger lady, Ameenat, whom he takes around to parties, and lots of their pictures have gone viral. Yomi’s wife, Vicki, is not finding the latest development funny as she rained curses on Ameenat on Instagram, who, according to her, stole her man, Yomi Gold.

The mistress, Ameenat, is equally not taking the insults lightly. She also attacked Vicki, accusing her of having mental issues, which made Yomi Gold to dump her. The marriage is said to be experiencing trouble since 2018. Also in one of the interviews Yomi Gold granted Punch he said “of what good would it be to people if they couldn’t allow me to be the driver of my own car? Why should they behave like they are perfect? Anything can happen.

“The society is quick to judge when they are not the one wearing the shoes.

“I decided not to talk about it because I own my life. The most important thing is for me to be alive. If anything bad should happen, I would be on my own. I don’t owe anybody an explanation. I just want to live my life. As time goes on, people will see for themselves.

“Leaving a marriage that is not working is more honourable than making a mess of it. If people know what really happened, I don’t know what they would be saying, I don’t need it for publicity. I am a very shy person and a gentleman, I know I am a good man. I don’t think I need to go on social media to talk about anything”.

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