Joeboy is the talented and likeable Nigerian artist. Arguably, he's also had the biggest and most durable Nigerian song of 2019 in 'Baby.'

Asides that, he has released 'Beginning,' which is also on its way to becoming a 'hit.' While this writer has his reservations about 'Don't Call Me Back' which features Mayorkun, the numbers are healthy and it favours the artist.
As he has continued to soar, he releases his debut project. It has five songs and three of those songs have already been released as - mildly - successful singles. Let's get one thing clear, those two songs are fire. 'Blessings,' an afro-dance-pop song that houses solemn prayers to one's makers for the good tings of life for which blessings are a conveyor.
It also looks like a shoo-in with millennials desperate for a breakthrough and a vastly emotional Nigerian middle-to-lower class that needs reassurance.
'All For You' is not bad either - it's afro-fusion that details a one-sided love affair through the eyes of a half-hearted partner. However, 'Blessings' is 'that song.' But then, that's about it. The problem with the audience isn't with the quality of these two songs, it's that Joeboy essentially created an EP for two songs.

Why did Joeboy do it?

This writer thinks it's because;
  1. December is looming and Joeboy will be at a lot of shows. He will probably headline his own show. This is a way to expand the range of songs he performs.
  2. Joeboy has had an amazing 2019 and he probably feels the need to mark it with something remotely related to a project. That's a good mentality.
  3. A Joeboy album will probably drop in the first quarter of 2020. So this might be Joeboy testing his staying power with the audience.
  4. For all of the above reasons, he didn't want to push it. Fan-thirst for more is better than ending the year with a failed project of 7 or more songs - he's playing it safe.
  5. These factors are understandable and they are worth an EP. When you consider how ending a year with an L could rub Joeboy wrong, you understand him even more. However, whatever you do is worth being done commendably. Joeboy's talent is good enough to carry at least seven songs and he could have done it.
    With seven songs, the fans have four new songs and that's good. There's no way in hell Joeboy doesn't have two more fantastic songs - asides the ones scheduled for his debut album. He could have just put them on this EP. Two new songs are simply insufficient.
    That said, as much we fans deserve to complain and criticize the artist, we should also understand his perspective. If an EP of seven or more songs tank, Joeboy will be the one licking his wounds. We have a terribly short attention span. We will move on, but Joeboy might not. So, this is a sword of an issue - it has two worthy perspectives and arguments.

Could we have a meeting point? Yes. However, one thing we don't realize is this; Joeboy still wins. He succeeded in giving us two really good new songs. He has also heightened expectation for his debut album. Mind you, the latter factor could be good or bad.