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Monday, 6 April 2020

Gossip : morata clears the air on her packing leftovers (full gist)

Yesterday, morata was dragged on social media for packing leftovers when she went on a date...

And this morning she has decided to clear the air..

Here's what she posted ...

I understand my tweet about funke Akindele issue was quite sensitive and you all misunderstood me hence the part one dragging,which was my bad and I apologize🙏

But I think I should address the second issue and let y’all know why I choose to ask for his details for refund

Cos I didn’t say a thing yesterday because the whole thing was funny to me and I’m bewildered at how he could tell lies just to drag me in order to massage his broken pride...
But if you’ll care to hear my side of the story,
Kindly follow this thread👇🏿

Onyeoma got my number by saying he wanted to add me to a gig,
I don’t pick up his calls even before he asked for a date, I told him I’m always busy cos I was working then.

Onyeoma begged me to save his number, he begged me for that date and I was nothing but nice ,

cos I don’t want to seem rude or proud.

A week Befre the date
He said he doesn’t stay in Lagos that he stays in anambra or somethin,I was like oh really, he said he’ll be coming to visit his friends in ikotun, so he’ll just use that opportunity to see me,I told him no wahala

The date was during the week, cos I could remember it was my off day, apart from the fact that I just relocated to Lagos and don’t know my way,I don’t like to keep people waiting, so I’ll rather just take a taxi for my comfort and time.

I got to the mall before onyeoma, waited for like 30 minutes, I hate waiting!! I don’t know anywhere in the mall, so i sat at debonairs since that was where my bestfriend and I hung out a weekend Befre, I sat there because I thought we were just going to do pizza and go

He ordered for pizza and when they brought the pizza, Oya let’s eat pizza , Baba said he doesn’t eat pizza 💁🏻‍♀️ I was even laughing that who doesn’t eat pizza ?? He said he doesn’t like it , that he’ll rather take chicken and I suggested he should get his chicken at kfc then

Although I made him eat a slice or two of the pizza.
After then I told him to let’s go get his chicken cos I wanted to avoid traffic, on our way I got a call and I was on the call till we enter KFC, he went ahead and ordered, when I finished my call, he had already given his card

To the cashier and he said 5k, I was shocked 😳 like 5k for one person chicken 💁🏻‍♀️, that must be a full chicken, when they brought the chicken it was for two people, I was shocked again that why would you buy for two that yes I like food but I’ve eaten pizza and thats all for the

Day, he said he didn’t order for this and I was pissed and told him to let’s return it cos it doesn’t make sense, he was forming SINZU,when we sat down, I suggested that he take the chicken home cos me I can’t eat it, he formed again and said how will he be taking

Chicken home,and suggested that I take it home instead, and I was like why not 💁🏻‍♀️food no Dey waste where I dey🙌🏻. In the thread his writer @iam__sexyslim made , she stated that I said “ bills on me” first if I didn’t say that, he begged to see me and even if I’m

Basking in millions, I will never pay someone for taking my time, coz left to me I’d rather be at home watching a movie or doing something productive.
She also stated that “i didn’t pick his calls after” Lmaoooo, @onyeoma_kc I understand that you’re pained but you didn’t have to

Lie dear, I picked your call,told you I’m home, you called me the following day and I was at work, I texted you to let’s chat instead, and you said why won’t I pick your calls blablah, it was funny but being a calm person and i explained it’s work.
The following day you called

Again and said “ what is wrong with you, ain’t you matured enough to know that I wanted a relationship Befre I asked for a date, you should be mature enough to say no and all” I was pissed of and told you “ You can’t talk to me that way, cos you didn’t tell me

You wanted a relationship and if you had told me that, I will let you know I AM NOT INTERESTED,cos I don’t want to use anyone as a rebound and that you should stop calling me” two days later I felt like I was rude and harsh, so I texted him on WhatsApp to check

Up on him and asked for his twitter link, cos he had once begged me to add him to my Pr team, I told him that my team is complete, but I notice one of my team member is slacking,so I wanted to use him to replace the person, when I went through his page , his engagements

Weren’t enough, so I chose to just hold on till I get a gig I could use him for. And that was all , no communications and nothin atall.
It’s not pride or something I was a smello last year,asin I was broke to the call, but this year!!!! I have never been broke lol

I have a Pr team that I pay and we have a contract of over 4 months with a company, so I am not hungry neither am I broke, onyeoma is hurt cos I didn’t date or get down with him and I’m sorry about that cos trust me I was looking out for you.
You’re a great guy lol, but the

Relationship wouldn’t have work , coz I don’t in anyway connect to you romantically and if you had told me you wanted a relationship instead of Retweets for a date, I’ll blatantly say NO.
So for your troubles please let me refund you in two folds,no hard feelings ❤️❤️

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