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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Here's Why Your YouTube Videos Have 0 Views! — Khor Tips

YouTube Bring 4K Videos at 60 FPS - I'm Programmer

Ever wondered why after spending hours creating a "perfect" content for your YouTube channel, and after that immense creativity session, your videos gets 0 views?

Like 0 views, 0 subscribers?

Why Is My New YouTube Video Ad Active But Not Running?

Painful! Heartbreaking! Frustrating!

I know right?

As a YouTube content creator, you'd want your videos to be informative and also convert potential viewers to subscribers.

More subscribers = More Ranking = MORE MONEY!

PS: I'm an advocate of following your passion and being extremely passionate about anything. I do not endorse Get Rich Quick Schemes. I believe in Long-term thinking and investment. You should do that as well.

Okay! Here are 4 reasons why your YouTube Videos have 0 views:

1. POOR CAMERA QUALITY: "Clear Quality Videos get more views than low-quality ones". 
Quite a lot of Top YouTubers have spoken at length about how important and effective a good camera quality can be to the success of your video's viewership.

I've come across a popular YouTuber by the name "COACH RED PILL".
The quality of his video(s) is second to none. 
His content? Superb! 

You won't want a situation where you have an amazing content, but your video quality is shit poor.

Poor video quality is a let off!

Invest in getting a device with stunning video-making ability.

1. 1080 CAMERA: Canon 70d.
2. 4K CAMERA: Gopro 5, SONY RX 10 MARK IV.
3. Smartphones: IPHONE (8-11 max pro), Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus, Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL etc. 

2. POOR CONTENT: "Content is King!".

Content Is The King - Digifish3 Blog

This very statement cannot be Over-emphasized. 
Coming across a couple Videos on YouTube, i've been left disappointed by the poor content quality.


Funny part is that they're littered - averaging over 2m+ - all over YouTube.

Well, YouTube won't say a word about it (Nobody wants to lose a Consumer/Content Creator).

Investing heavily on your content is the biggest thing you could do for your channel/brand. There are so many ways to do this. 
RECOMMENDATIONS: Twitter Feeds, Online Forums(Reddit, Nairaland), Books.

3. LITTLE OR NO SCRIPT: "Life is a scripted movie".
Shooting A Film With No Script & Throwing Out Your Shot List - YouTube

COVID-19 clearly potrays this statement. 

A scripted video has actors, infrastructure, fade-ins and fade-outs etc. 
When your video is structured in this manner, you tend to carry your viewers and subscribers along.


 Well, Some Big Corporations/Brands already have a department to this effect. 
Hence, this recommendation is not for them! 

*Rolls Eyes*


Best YouTube Thumbnail Size [PRACTICAL GUIDE] 2020

Statistics has shown that the clickability of any video is hinged on its ability to have a stunning video thumbnail.

What's a thumbnail?
 A thumbnail is a small picture, used as a compact representation of a larger picture.

When you search for a video on Google or YouTube, an image is shown with a play button. That image is known as a THUMBNAIL.

This is unarguably the most important feature your video(s) must possess in other to get more views.
In other to standout, designing a unique thumbnail that best describes your content is the best way to go.

"Custom Thumbnails increase video views on YouTube massively"(374% more views).

This is a secret known by a select few of YouTube Content Creators.

 "Create a Custom Thumbnail for your YouTube Videos using thumbnail maker." "Never allow YouTube select a Default Thumbnail from your uploaded video."

RECOMMENDATIONSInstathumb {Custom Thumbnail maker}.
These Thumbnail for YouTube videos  were created with the software.

PS: This software is not free though.
If you're really serious about getting more viewers on your channel, then you should invest where necessary.

I hope this article helps you attract viewers to your channel and brand.

The more viewers; the more popularity = Likely Endorsements!  

Cheers to your continued Success!

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