STORY TIME : My encounter with a catfish account -


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Thursday, 7 May 2020

STORY TIME : My encounter with a catfish account

10 ways to catch out a catfish - eharmony

Back in the day when I was still a 2go lord, I was chatting in one uniport group chat cause I was trying to read and the thing no de enter, it happened DAT it was only one person who was online DAT night, It was a girl so I chatted her up privately.

She told me her name was Cinderella. Me did I even care, I was pretty sure her name was Chiamaka or Ndidi, but I didn't push it, I'll just manage de cartoon name. So we started chatting oooo, from normal talks to school, to relationship to sex 🙃. She told me to send her a picture of my thing, I was hesitant, I had never sent anyone my nudes before and I had never asked anyone to send me theirs even in my past relationships🤷‍♂ . 👉

So I asked her to send me a picture of the same quality, within minutes I was looking at premium assets and beautiful curves,I liked what I saw, so I went to de toilet, bolted de door, turned on The light, pulled my trouser and snapped my nyinyi(🍆) . I sent it to her, she was pleased with what she saw and she wanted us to meet immediately, as a sharp guy, I has to act like I wasn't really anxious so we fixed de date to Friday, which was 2days from then, all dis while I forgot to ask for her number🙄igasikwa.

Fast forward to 2days later, she sent me her address which was in de same street as one of my guy for sec school and her number. 

She asked me to call her when I get to de street. So I went to de bathroom, freshened up wire my favorite Christmas cloth and plenty of perfume, I can't be caught unfresh 😜.

I called my friend and told him I was coming to his area, he said no shaking dat he was around, so I drove down to de place, parked my car at a corner and called her, lady said she was shaving and getting ready for me so I should wait a few minutes, I'd not heard her voice till den, and what I heard Melted my heart.

My friend now called me and said he just saw my car in his street,dat y was I parked there instead of
Coming to his house, I now drove to his place to continue de wait,my friend asked dis one I came to his street 2day, so I had to state my real mission, I told him I came to see my babe, DAT she lives just across de street, before I continue, I want u to know DAT my guys has 2 younger sisters who greet me brother good morning. Well, he asked me if my babes' name is Cinderella,🤨wat? 🙂well, he should know her of Cus, dey were neighbors after all . I said yes den he told me DAT he was de one chatting me up with de Cinderella account.😠wait wat? my own Cinderella? It couldn't be, I told him he was lying so he brought out his phone and said "no be ur penis be dis?'🤦‍♂, brothers and sisters I couldn't talk,

Even if I wanted to deny it, the thing was looking at me in shame, den he said too "no be ur toilet tiles be dis" and he visits me, I still can't believe dis maybe he knows Cinderella and used her phone, saw de picture and copied it,my heart is strong once again. I called Cinderella's number and my guy's phone didn't ring am smiling like gu gu gud,I was about to talk when one of his sisters ran from inside de house saying "brother DAT ur friend is calling again oo,way should I tell him dis time"I died my people,de girl saw me and started laughing and my friend joined her and dey continued laughing, I deleted my property from his phone, deleted Cinderella's number and my friend's number from
my phone


Since DAT time I have not sent my nudes to anyone ever again, if u like tell me DAT ur pant is wet,u will wash it and dry it urself😡 apiarian.

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